Wednesday, November 19, 2014

From the Sustainable Stones Studio...

Winter has returned. The chill in the air is matched by the first snowfall as quiet settles back into the wild woodlands.  The garden is asleep, many of the birds have migrated, and the seemingly endless parade of bugs have disappeared. In years past, a sad longing for summer usually accompanied the change but this year it's replaced by a sense of bubbling excitement.

We practically live outside when snow isn't on the ground. Hiking through dense woods, sowing and harvesting, watching the plants and animals, and one of our favorites, collecting stones from the mercurial creek that cuts through this amazing place. By now there are stacked containers, filled with our favorite rough stones. They're little snapshots of expectation, selected from countless others for their subtle promise of what might be, once polished.
Stones collected by Steve Tieken and Wanaree Tanner, cut by Steve Tieken