Monday, June 29, 2015

Cosmic Fire Serpent

Cosmic Fire Serpent is a tribute to our favorite creek (where we collect most of our stones) and represents our interpretation of the Great Milky Way which is so prevalent in the night sky where we live.

Each section was hand built out of fine and sterling silver (no casting or replication) and fired into a single fluid kinetic piece (no rivets or soldering). Over 1700 individually hand punched diamond shaped pieces were appliqu├ęd. The bail has a hidden hinge and captive pin lock so the pendant can be removed entirely or worn with front or back as a focal. The necklace was hand polished to enhance the contrast and detail. This necklace took over 450 hours to complete.

The main stone is rare Bull's Eye Flint and was the inspiration for the piece. A thin sheet of Mica is set behind the stone, adding a reflective quality to the sun disk on the backside of the pendant.

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Stone side of Cosmic Fire Serpent

Reversed side of Cosmic Fire Serpent