Saturday, June 27, 2015

TANNER/TIEKEN™ Brave New World Collection

Two years in the making…
We would like to invite our friends and family to celebrate the release of the Brave New World collaborative collection. This is a culmination of our deep love and respect for one another, the natural world around us and the sacred landscape on which we live. Conceived exactly two years ago on the Summer Solstice during a three day fast and vision quest, each piece is a chapter in the continuing story of our shared obsession with art, design and creation. Working primarily in reclaimed sterling and fine silver metal clay, each component was meticulously hand formed. Every stone was individually hand collected and cut with virtually no impact on the environment. The jewelry, photography and graphics were all created in house, at our studio. Our desire is to elevate sustainability in high end jewelry design while honoring the aesthetics of the ancient artisans and master craftsmen from the distant past. Thank-you everyone for your continued support through this process. It’s a BRAVE NEW WOLRD, please enjoy.