Thursday, December 13, 2018

New Contemporary Fireable Stone Setting Tools


Season's Greetings! Fireable stones have always been a great way to incorporate sparkle and color to metal clay but building clean settings can be tricky. Other tools have endeavored to resolve this with complex contraptions or layering stencils. I've developed a new streamlined process and am excited to share my collection of Contemporary Stone Setting/Die Cut Tools. The frames come in three round designs which fit 4mm, 6mm & 8mm fireable stones. Perfect for adding granulation or other elements, they are even calibrated to help prevent your stones from falling out after firing. Available individually, as a project kit and in a complete collection. Be sure to check out my free video below to see how these same tools can create ornamental link loops for your metal clay work. 

Have a Happy Holidays!


View how these beautiful fireable stone setting and decorative link loop Signature Die Cut Tools work in the free quick & easy project video "Fireable Stone Ajna Pendant" 


Thursday, August 24, 2017

New free project video, "Spinning Henna Bloom Earrings"  is now available through Cool Tools. This project features my modern and versatile earring wire design that is surprisingly simple to make. Check out the video below!

This is the second in a series of six videos featuring my Signature Texture Plates. Enjoy!

Cool Tools: Spinning Henna Bloom Earrings by Wanaree Tanner
"Spinning Henna Bloom Earrings" By Wanaree Tanner


I'm excited to announce a new product partnership with Cool Toolsbeginning with the release of six free video projects featuring the complete collection of my signature texture plates, available now through Cool Tools! They are also carrying some of my favorite recommended studio tools, check out it out HERE.

The first video is "Large Hole Celtic Beads" featuring lots of tips and techniques. Enjoy!

"Large Hole Celtic Beads" By Wanaree Tanner
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017



Monday, February 20, 2017

New Tools, Digital Workshop and Pieces!

"Prayer Box" 
Made with my personal set of handmade die cut tools and the New Calibrated Cutters, click the image to get a peek inside the box on my new Instagram page!
Last month we had two wonderful workshops at Sils Art in Sarasota, Florida and I'm excited to announce they are now an official distributor of my tools and products! If you are in the region, you can set up a class with Silvie Waalsto learn how to create with my full line of Signature Die Cut Tools and Texture Plates. She has an incredible studio facility, I highly recommend a visit, she also teaches lapidary (stone cutting) right onsite. You can contact her directly at for more information.

The workshops gave me a chance to introduce my new Signature Calibrated Cutters, a graduated set of SHARPENED mini circle cutters that pair perfectly with my Signature Die Cut Tools to create clean and consistent granulation details. These new Signature Calibrate Cutting tools also produce graduated, consistent discs out of clay in record time.

The calibrated granules and discs have the added benefit of a flat back for simple and direct attachment to your work (the Prayer Box above was my demo piece from class) and are made to fit perfectly inside the ornamental elements created with the Die Cut Tools.

The Calibrated Cutters are available for purchase for the special introductory price of $49.99, it even includes a downloadable 22 page step-by-step PDFdemonstrating the Granulation and Disc Cutting Method (click the image above to view listing). You'll be amazed at how quickly and simply you can produce granulation detailing without ever having to solder or hand roll another tiny ball. These are unlike other cutters because they are individually sharpened and when paired with my method can quickly cut wet, semi-dry even dry clay. The cutter sizes are 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm all in a stainless steel case (which fits perfectly inside the Complete Die Cut Tool Sets.)

I've also produced a brand new online workshop highlighting these perfect granulation and disc elements. There are two pendants demonstrated and the Calibrated Cutters are included with class enrollment! I've found such a sense of joy creating mandalas out of metal clay and there is something really grounding about creating them out of simple, yet highly fined detailing. With 11 demo videos and 89 pages of a step-by-step downloadable PDF, you'll learn the complete method for quickly producing elements, modern and high end refinement, clean and crisp attachment, reversible construction, granular pendant loops, a simple and direct method for attaching multiple elements evenly, firing and high contrast finishing.

Now on sale for the introductory price of $59.95 (shipping included). Click the class poster above to see more. These projects are just the beginning of what's possible with these new tools, imagine how you can incorporate the perfectly sized and consistent elements into your work.

I've also put together a new "Perfect Granulation Kit" available now for special order, featuring the best granulation Die Cut Heads from both the Set 1 and Set 2 Complete Collections. It includes four Die Cut Heads, a handle, velvet bag, stainless steel container, Signature Calibrated Cutter set, Dry-Release, brush and Eco-Grease. The "Granulation Sun Mandala & Disc Mandala Pendants"digital workshop is bundled with kit purchase for the limited introductory price of $199.99!

There are more tools in development all of which will be available to experiment with at my hands-on workshops and coming up next month in England at the You Can Make It Conference. I hope to see you this year! 

Much Love,

Monday, January 9, 2017

New tools, work and classes for 2017!

Happy New Year! 
I hope this finds you well in the new year. I'm excited to announce the release of a brand new set of my Signature Die Cut Tools available exclusively at hands-on workshops this year. Above is "Oceania" a new necklace create by Steve and I which features many of the new ornamental elements made with the Complete Set 2 Collection as well as ornamental elements from the Complete Set 1 Collection.
This brand new set features fine line die heads, new blooms and mirrored leaves that pair perfectly with the Complete Set 1 Collection,

You'll have access to BOTH sets at hands on workshops in 2017, enabling you to explore all the possibilities of these 24 unique heirloom quality metal clay tools. To see where you can join me for these exciting new techniques and access these incredible tools click 
 I'm looking forward to being at Sil's Art in Sarasota, FL next week from Jan 20-24th, then in March I'll be returning to England to teach and present at the highly anticipated You Can Make It Conference . The stacked and layered blooms above are part of what I'll be demonstrating in one of the break out sessions. With all the excitement I've also added a post-conference class at Metal Clay LTD. on my new patent pending Signature Hollow Form System. The patent insures only class participants will be able to create and sell their own clean and complex geo-forms pieces. This will be the one and only chance in Europe to learn this simplified system for creating amazing beads. Registration for this post conference class is available here:
There are more tools in the works, all created to streamline production and design, so stay tuned. Thank-you for your continued support, I hope to see you this year!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

MetalClay REVOLUTION™ Ebook featuring new class catalogue, tools and artist anthology!

Metal clay is an incredible medium that never ceases to amaze me with it's potentiality. After years of creative exploration and work, I'm excited to announce the release of my new Ebook featuring a new class catalogue, new tools and artist anthology, available to view or download free right from

With so much to share, I'll be presenting these techniques and processes at limited hands-on workshops around the country in 2017 and 2018 (dates to be announced soon). Thank-you all for your continued support and excitement for this remarkable medium!


Monday, April 4, 2016

NEW "Dynamic Stone Setting" In Flexible Silver Metal Clay Instant Access Digital Class

"Dynamic Stone Setting"

Metal clay is an incredibly versatile medium for creating unique stone settings but the correct approach is critical. Like any other medium, there are pitfalls to be avoided in the working process. I specifically developed the stone setting process presented in this class to accommodate metal clay. Even when completely sintered and fully fired, the metal particles in metal clay have more space between them than traditional milled metals. This simply means there's more space for cracks and breaks to develop during setting. While traditional stone setting methods work to a certain degree, forming fired metal clay bezel tabs around a more extreme curvature can be risky business. My approach is different and has tested true through countless stone settings in my own studio.

I feature PMC Flex in this class because the longer working time allows for this kind of textured bezel setting plenty of working time before drying.

The class is available both as a bundle that includes my Signature Asian Design Set 2 "Tibetan Smoke & Fire" texture plate and as a class alone. For a limited time both are one SALE. Check out the MetalClay Arts Conservatory Digital Library for more.

This class is one of my favorite processes. I'm excited to share my techniques for successful


"Dynamic Stone Setting", an Instant Access Digital Class, covers working wet and dry metal clay, making custom tools, firing, kiln programing and high contrast patina finishing. Featuring my techniques for getting clean consistent impressions from the Asian Design Set 2 "Tibetian Smoke & Fire" Signature textureplate you wil learn forming and refinement, creating a swing bail, also learn non-fireable stone setting technique for fired metal clay and so much more. This class features 22 separate lessons and 21 demo videos, 110 pages of step by step class handouts and support PDFs (embedded with live hyperlinks to tool listings.) Everything is streamlined and easily accessible from multiple devices.

This deep relief, natural gum rubber texture plates were drawn and designed by Wanaree specifically for metal clay applications and were the secret to her professional  jewelry line for many years. They feature crisp, fine detail, rolling tracks (so you never have to worry about having room for your roller), and spillover groves for excess clay to escape to encourage clean impressions. With this class you'll even learn how to create a Texture Right Roller plus all the secrets for getting great impressions everytime out of your texture plates.

For this class you'll need a 30g package of PMC FLEX silver metal clay and one cabochon with at least a 7mm profile (perimeter of 75mm to 100mm.) A limited edition of our High Profile Sustainable Stones™ are available HERE.