Thursday, December 29, 2011

4PAM? 4 Processes a Month

Okay, maybe it's the over indulgence of fatty foods, sugary substances, and post Christmas euphoria, but I was struck with an idea I need to declare before I chicken out. Last year I was privileged to witness some fantastic artists participate in a ring or bird a week art challenge. Here's are few of those inspiring artists, click to view their answers to that challenge:
For 2012 the lovely and talented Lora Hart has raised a new "call to art." Her Four a Month(FAM)  encourages artists to create and share four pieces a month that relate to each other through theme or medium. 

The whole idea is to commit to flexing your creative muscles every week on at least one project. Some even sign up to make one project a day, and post photos along the way. As the year comes to a close I can only imagine the  pride of having completed 52 (let alone 365!) pieces. It seems an overwhelming task to undertake, but the gains would be immeasurable. Not only would you have all that fabulous work to show for it, but just the act of making something new every week would contribute to your creative endurance and dedication.

I want to play too!! But to be honest, my attention span is questionable at best, and between orders and keeping up my retail inventory, I don't see it being a feasible commitment. That being said, I could share 4 projects a month. At first I thought I'd go with "Process a Week" but I have to allow a little room for procrastination and flakiness... that and 4PAM (Four Processes a Month) was funnier than PAW. The pieces will be whatever I'm working on in the studio, from easy to difficult. I'll post process photos/videos, step descriptions, and offer to answer any questions that might come up with along the way. It'll be like having mini tutorials, or as I like to call them "Mini Tuts" (pronounced mini-"toot"... I know juvenile, but I can't seem to help myself.) It'll be a virtual studio diary, but it won't just be metal clay. Next year I'll be launching a new line of casted pewter pieces, writing articles, creating lots of new reliquaries (hopefully!) and you'll get a peak four times a month. Maybe this will also help justify my recent purchase of a DSLR camera... It'll certainly get me blogging a little more. Just be prepared for my green zombie finger nails and boney hands because 2012 will feature too much of both. In the meantime here's a peak at what I'm working on for next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!