Sunday, November 2, 2014

MetalClay Arts Conservatory

I'm pleased to introduce the first in the series of online classes from The MetalClay Arts Conservatory. This new cutting-edge format has given me a platform to include all the skills and techniques I've developed throughout my career.


"Kinetic Bell Pendant" Fully articulated and musical, this project emphasizes dimensional design in metal clay, walking you though not only the clay process but how to design dimensionally as well.
Learn how to create a piece that's your own all the way from texture to patina.
Incorporating kinetic elements into metal clay: a fully articulated bell stem and swing bail.

Introduction ot kinetic connection in metal clay
with "Kinetic Earrings"

Learn to create your own unique designs.

"Let Your Work Become Music to the Ears"
An example of project possibilities from this Comprehensive Course. The Ringing Kinetic Bell Pendant and Kinetic Earrings combined with additional Bell Shaped Beads, custom clasp, and repurposed antique turquoise stone rondells.