Friday, November 15, 2019

New Texture Plates+Free Project Video



Hello Everyone,
I hope this finds you well!

Over the last year, we’ve traveled, explored and have been repeatedly awe-struck by intricate temple art and architecture, ancient ruins, indigenous crafts, and an unending variety of flora and fauna throughout Southeast Asia.

In addition to inspiring new Tanner/Tieken art work these experiences moved me to create and share a brand new series of hand-drafted Signature Texture Plates:

The Metamorphosis Collection

While the component centric original designs were inspired by the region we now call home, they are my own unique illustrations... not clip art copies.

Created for dimensional metal clay applications (incorporating over 11 years of professional expertise) these new textures feature ultra-fine details, elaborate granulation elements, consistent and crisp line quality, rolling tracks, easy cut borders and built in spillover groves to encourage clean impressions. They also integrate beautifully with my entire line of Signature Die Cut Tools.
Just add your own artistic voice.

Over the coming weeks I’ll continue sharing project ideas and how to videos as we explore creating with these new designs together. Check out the latest free project video “The Glass Shadow Box” featuring my new Signature Texture Plate Metamorphosis Collection Set 1. The methods and techniques presented have been tried and proven to yield the best results.

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Thank-you for your continued interest and support. Stay tuned... this is just the beginning. I can't wait to see what you all create!

Have a great weekend,
Wanaree Tanner