Saturday, April 4, 2020

New Free Video "Suspension Setting Fireable Stones"

Hello friends,

Hope everyone is staying safe in these unprecedented times.

 For many of us the best we can do is to stay at home until this all passes. Self-isolation can be difficult, particularly in such an emotionally trying time but there's comfort and solace that can be found in the creative process. Sometimes creating can bring a kind of momentary order to all the chaos, a quiet peace within. Creating isn't just about the end result, it can also be a meditation on stillness and a calming of the mind.

Words are inadequate, so I'll just end by saying thank-you. Thank-you for sharing this journey with me.
Much love,

Our primary distribution center is still shipping but there may be delays in delivery time. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

"Suspension Setting Fireable Stones" Complete Project Kit includes Metamorphosis Set 3 & Set 4 Signature Texture Plates, Calibrated Cutters PLUS the new 30 page companion ebook. Click image belowto purchase at a discounted bundle price of $85.00.


The "Suspension Setting Fireable Stones" project video features stone setting component centric designs  from the new Signature Texture Plates Metamorphosis Collection Set 3 & 4 (CLICK IMAGES ABOVE TO VIEW MORE)

Visit my website for a complete listing of all Signature Products: 

Thank-you for your continued interest and support. I can't wait to see what you all create.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

New Stacking Crown Ring Video and Metal Clay Rings Comprehensive Sizing Guide


Hello Everyone,
Wishing you all a 
Happy New Year and Prosperous 2020!

Now available on my website! The new free video "Stacking Crown Rings" demonstrates my simplified method for creating continuous pattern metal clay rings.


There are many ways to make a metal clay ring. Complex construction tools, ring mandrels sets and all the different sizings from country to country can further complicate the process.This new free video demonstrates just how easy it can be when you make your own custom sized ring mandrel built to fit the texture. You can create a seamless continuous pattern with a few simple items you probably already have in your home studio. 

You can learn ALL my secrets for making correctly sized metal clay rings in my new ebook  MetalClayRevolution Masterclass  "Metal Clay Rings Comprehensive Sizing Guide" now available for only $39.95! (CLICK ABOVE IMAGE)

This 76 page full color PDF takes you step by step through all the techniques and methods I use in the studio to create accurately sized rings successfully in metal clay. All you need to know is the clay shrinkage rate and you can use my resizing formula to determine how big to make your ring so it shrinks down to the right ring size after firing. This is the only ring sizing conversion method that can be easily adapted to all the different varieties and brands of metal clay on the market today. This book includes the complete process for creating a custom sized ring mandrel, making a firing investment ring sizing insert along with how to make a mold to cast just the right size, how to set up a ring for firing to avoid distortion, my ring resizing chart and everything you need to know to start making correctly sized rings in metal clay.

Also available a new project kit, "Stacking Crown Rings" Complete Project Kit includes all the Signature Tools featured in the new project video PLUS the new 76 page ebook. Click image below to purchase at a discounted bundle price of $125.00.


The "Stacking Crown Ring" project video features crown border designs from the new Signature Texture Plates Metamorphosis Collection Set 1 & 2 (CLICK IMAGES ABOVE TO VIEW MORE)

Visit my website for a complete listing of all Signature Products: 

Thank-you for your continued interest and support. I can't wait to see what you all create!

Have a great weekend,
Wanaree Tanner