Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Gate At The Garden of the Gods" (4PAM_16)

My parents live in Thailand, which means once every couple of years I get to go visit, and they're always gracious enough to drive me all over the countryside to ogle all the temples, markets, and sites. Last year my in-laws guided us up north to a beautiful sculpture garden call "The Garden of the Gods." Sculpture garden is a bit of an understatement as many of the sculptures were the size of buildings. I know I'm a lucky duck, a place like this could inspire a thousand pieces, yet I remained a bit oblivious to the potential there.

 A few month ago I joined a Facebook page hosted by Catherine Witherell called Texture Tuesdays. EveryTuesday, people will post photos based on a theme Catherine so cleverly devises. The theme that week was doorways, and I posted a gate that lead to the central shrine at "The Garden of the Gods." Fortunately for me, it caught Gorden Uyehara's attention, and he quite innocently stated I should make a cuff based on that design. As they say, if it was a snake, it would have bit me. Thank goodness for other artists, this piece wouldn't have come into being without them.

Just managing to get it to sinter was an exciting feat, but having it on the cover of Metal Clay Artist Magazine for their third anniversary issue is beyond any expectation I would have for it. So here it is, it took about two month to complete and lots of courage to fire. It's the process behind the piece through stills and video. If you're curious about the specific skills demonstrated, check out my previous blog postings about all those techniques. And another big THANKS to Catherine and Gordon no man is an island, much credit goes to you and the staff at MCAM.