Monday, February 15, 2016

Finely Detailed, Deep Relief Signature Texture Plates

I'm excited to announce the release of SIX finely detailed SIGNATURE texture plates! I hand drew and drafted each of these original designs, which are created and matched specifically for metal clay projects. With mirrored and sized designs that are calibrated to fit together and accent each other. All you have to add is your creativity. These plates are also featured in the Conservatory digital online classes and there are more classes in the works!  To purchase check out the MetalClay Arts Conservatory Shop

Much love,

4.5"x6" deep relief, natural gum rubber texture plates were drawn and designed by Wanaree specifically for metal clay applications and are the secret to her professional Celtic and Asian inspired jewelry line. They feature crisp & fine detail, rolling tracks (so you never have to worry about having room for your roller) and spillover groves for excess clay to escape to encourage clean impressions.

“Circle Of Life" collection is perfect for lentil beads, bead caps, rings and buttons,
featuring  a fine Thistle and knot work boarders!
Featuring Wanaree's unique Trinity Claddauh design and Trinity Tree of Life,
this collection is perfect for rings, pendants and earrings.

Featuring Wanaree's "Henna Bloom" design and and finely detailed
flora boarders, this collection is perfect for pendants, earrings and rings

Featuring Wanaree's Tibetian fire and smoke inspired designs.
 This collection is perfect for pendants, stone settings, and rings.

This texture plate is featured in both "Seamless Stone Set Shadow Box"
and "Dimensional Tree of Life Talisman"
 digital classes.

This texture plate is featured in both "Salmon of Knowlege in Copper"and 
"Dimensional Tree of Life Talisman" digital classes.