Monday, June 21, 2021

"Spinning Jade Lotus Prayer Wheel" Advanced Masterclass

Hello friends,
It's been a while, hope this finds you well! Over the last year we've been working on new projects, classes and tools. I'm excited to be releasing this new online Advanced Masterclass "Spinning Jade Lotus Prayer Wheel". The class includes all my updated methods and processes including a new streamlined granulation technique. Additionally, this class will teach you how to make a non-fireable stone setting out of fine silver clay, how to make that setting into a smooth kinetic spinning prayer wheel, making your own fine silver spin components, texturing, forming, firing, finishing and moreThe class is hosted on a simplified platform that allows you to track your progress, navigate easily through any of the 23 video lessons and even includes direct links to where all the basic tools I use are available. 
Featuring my new Metamorphosis Set 5 and Set 6 texture plates this Advanced Masterclass is available bundled with a companion project kit or available as a stand alone workshop. The project kits includesboth of the new Metamorphosis texture plates, three Die Cut Tool heads, tool handle, Calibrated Cutters, Eco-Release-Pen, fine point paint brush, forming armature and silver smooth spin component. 

Also included is a unique Thai artisan cut Jade "Peace Buckle" (a symbol of peace and prosperity) featured as the main focal for this project. Limited quantities available.


This project was inspired by the incredible fauna & flora, elaborately decorated temples and our experiences living and creating art in Northern Thailand. Have a wonderful summer!    

 Much love,


 The new 24 lesson step-by-step video course reveals all the techniques and methods for creating your own Spinning Jade Lotus Prayer Wheel!
CLICK HERE to visit our website for a preview video from the new class.  

CLASS & PROJECT KIT! "Spinning Jade Lotus Prayer Wheel" Complete Project Kit includes the new Metamorphosis Set 5 & Set 6 Signature Texture Plates, Calibrated Cutters, Tritiliea Bloom, Small Granular Star, Shatkona Nova Die Cut Tools, Tool handle, Eco-Release-Pen, fine point paint brush, forming armature, fine silver spin component and jade focal. PLUS the new 23 lesson step-by-step video course and the 299 page companion ebook featuring over 780 full color imagesOver $400 in value the complete project kit with Masterclass is $275. The Masterclass alone is $150.


NOW AVAILABLE Metamorphosis Collection Set 5 & 6 

NOTE: All orders are now shipping from Thailand via express international and most orders will arrive 7-14 days but there may be delays depending on destination. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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