Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Viking Shield Maiden Ring" Design Idea II

Second in a series of design ideas featuring my new Signature Texture Plates

"Viking Shield Maiden Ring" is inspired by the long lineage of women unafraid to embody their own strength and power. 

This original design features my "Circle of Life" Celtic Design Set 3. The stone is a hand collected and cut Sustainable Stones Quartz crystal by Steve Tieken.

This ring was constructed out of PMC 960, while the bezel wire was formed using a laminated piece of PMC Paper. Pasted together lightly in their greenware state, they fired together perfectly. PMC 960's strength (as compared to fine silver) allows the ring band to be rolled thinner, in this case textured down to 2 cards thick. The intricate knot work is cut in deep relief in this texture plate, so the clay details translate thicker, approximately four cards thick. This thicker detailing acts as an additional support structure for this thin ring band.