Monday, April 4, 2016

NEW "Dynamic Stone Setting" In Flexible Silver Metal Clay Instant Access Digital Class

"Dynamic Stone Setting"

Metal clay is an incredibly versatile medium for creating unique stone settings but the correct approach is critical. Like any other medium, there are pitfalls to be avoided in the working process. I specifically developed the stone setting process presented in this class to accommodate metal clay. Even when completely sintered and fully fired, the metal particles in metal clay have more space between them than traditional milled metals. This simply means there's more space for cracks and breaks to develop during setting. While traditional stone setting methods work to a certain degree, forming fired metal clay bezel tabs around a more extreme curvature can be risky business. My approach is different and has tested true through countless stone settings in my own studio.

I feature PMC Flex in this class because the longer working time allows for this kind of textured bezel setting plenty of working time before drying.

The class is available both as a bundle that includes my Signature Asian Design Set 2 "Tibetan Smoke & Fire" texture plate and as a class alone. For a limited time both are one SALE. Check out the MetalClay Arts Conservatory Digital Library for more.

This class is one of my favorite processes. I'm excited to share my techniques for successful


"Dynamic Stone Setting", an Instant Access Digital Class, covers working wet and dry metal clay, making custom tools, firing, kiln programing and high contrast patina finishing. Featuring my techniques for getting clean consistent impressions from the Asian Design Set 2 "Tibetian Smoke & Fire" Signature textureplate you wil learn forming and refinement, creating a swing bail, also learn non-fireable stone setting technique for fired metal clay and so much more. This class features 22 separate lessons and 21 demo videos, 110 pages of step by step class handouts and support PDFs (embedded with live hyperlinks to tool listings.) Everything is streamlined and easily accessible from multiple devices.

This deep relief, natural gum rubber texture plates were drawn and designed by Wanaree specifically for metal clay applications and were the secret to her professional  jewelry line for many years. They feature crisp, fine detail, rolling tracks (so you never have to worry about having room for your roller), and spillover groves for excess clay to escape to encourage clean impressions. With this class you'll even learn how to create a Texture Right Roller plus all the secrets for getting great impressions everytime out of your texture plates.

For this class you'll need a 30g package of PMC FLEX silver metal clay and one cabochon with at least a 7mm profile (perimeter of 75mm to 100mm.) A limited edition of our High Profile Sustainable Stones™ are available HERE.